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Pleasant CSR experience

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I just went to DirecTV's website. No special reason, just checking to see if any new specials around. When I looked at my BILL, it said, that my auto credit card payment was rejected:(
I called Customer Service and long story short, I just changed cards last month and I inserted wrong expiration date:p
So naturally I paid immediately by phone.......
The CSR then informed me that there is a $5.19 charge for a phone payment...
But after BSing with him for a while, he gave me a $5.19 credit PLUS $5 credit for the next 3 months for being a loyal customer :grin:

I mentioned I only have SD receivers and hope to get HD soon.. He told me hang in there because D* is going to be taking care of there long time, loyal customers.(He mentioned this at least 3 times in our 30 minute BS session.)

Thought I would pass this info on for what it's worth??
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Good to hear; the same thing happened to me once. I had turned my HBO off via the website, but it was still on my receiver. I called them the next day. They fixed it, and also gave me the $5 discount for three months.
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