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Please help major slimeline install problems!

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I am having a heck of a time getting the slimeline installed for my hr 20.

These are the signals I have and I am using the Accutrac pro 22. Please some body tell me what I did and what I didn't do.

101 SAT
transpoders 25-32 I only have 3 that I get a signal from- 95, 89, 95

110 SAT all tree at 100

119 SAT I have nothing

103 SAT I have nothing

Why do I see nothing from 99?

I have questions about reading the accutrac. I have heard that the top port is for the 119 and the bottom port is for the 101. However in the solidsignal video they never change the ports just the settings from RCP to LCP. So I kept changing CP settings as dictated in the installation manual and kept the coax connected to the top port.

I also see the meter bounce back between 13 volts and 18 volts. I thought that the meter was reading 2 different satellites but I'm not sure. Naturally I took all of my readings from the 13 volt signal but the 18 volt signal would alternate with it. To me this seem strange perhaps I didn't set something correctly in the meter?

Another complication......and yes I'm full of them is my mast arrangement. I have a 6 ft mast on a full size tripod on my roof top. I removed the 3lnb multisat that I have never had trouble with. I noticed that it has been workink for a year and the mast was never completely plumb. However I always have had killer signals.(this dish was set up by a tech). So I did what I could to plumb it but it deffinitely wasn't perfect. I then attached the skywaler pipe adapter to give my self the 2" od needed.

So take your pick I have issues all over here. My bigest concern is why the meter seems to bounce between signals? Perhaps I'm aimed at the 110 bird? When I was dailing in the azimuth this seemed like the only viable 13 volt signal. I shouldn't have trouble aiming this right? My 3 lnb got a signal over the trees so the 5 lnb should get the signal also correct? Should I be dailing in the 119 from the top and 101 from the bottom?? I am so confused, I beg anyone for help!
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bpayne said:
You're one satellite to the right (110).

Drop the elevation by 3 degrees and go to the left- guaranteed the strongest signal you find is going to be 101.

Are you using the battery on the Acutrac or the voltage from the receiver? If you're using the battery (which is preferred btw) just leave it at 13v and forget about it. Also, just hook up one line- it doesn't matter which one. The 22khz tone, when activated, will only pass through the top port. If you're using the voltage from the receiver to power the meter, make sure you bring up the HR20's signal meter (the individual one, not the 'matrix' one) and leave on Tp 1 on 101.
So I need to drop the elivation go to the right. Then get the 101 peaked. After that lock the mast back down and go throught the whole tuning process again right? Do you know whay the signal bounces between 18v and 13v? Are their a few birds of D* that are in sight with Dish?
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