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Please I need locals for college football.

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Ok prepare for a wall. I really need help I got a new reciever because my old one was broken my new one is a 311. I just bought a Dish 500 with a QUAD 500 lnb. I have one reciever and thats it. I have one tv cable running from the far left of the lnb on the 119 side not the 110 side to my receiver. I need my locals and this dish is supposed to pick up sat 110 and 119. I get 119 but only on the even transponders and on 119 the spot beam for the local channels is 1-9 odd for transponders but 1-9 odd show no signal and all the evens do. I have disconnected the tv cable from my reciever and unplugged it for 25 min ran a check switch no result. I have reset the reciever. run checkswitch no result. I have pulled the smart card and reinserted it no result. Im so lost and heart broken I need this fixed by this weekend. Also its rainy outside but my signal is only about 18 right now and its in and out a bit and on a clear day it is usually about 38 but I dont know what the signal will be on this new dish since I just installed it 5 hours ago.

Do I need to run another cable from the 110 side also?? How would I connect both to one reciever if that would fix it. Idk please and thanks.

This local channel problem is one I have been working on for over a month and Im ready to get it fixed.

Also as far as the signal being 18 I have adjusted on it for atleast a hour and the best signal I get is right around the peak angles provided
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1. Look at the point dish screen. Select Dish500. Also put in your correct zip code. You will see 3 numbers come up - Azimuth, Elevation, and skew. WRITE THESE DOWN.

2. set the skew on your dish AND LOCK IT DOWN. You will not need to ever adjust this again. set the elevation . Now use a compass and roughly point the dish in that direction.

3. Make sure the vertical part of the pole is absolutely vertical. A fence post level is good for this.

4 Cover the 110 side of your LNB with aluminum foil. Now aim your dish until you get 119 on the 119 side of the LNB - use transponder 11. Maximize it as best you can. Then remove the aluminum foil, verify that you are getting signal on 110, and perform a 'CHECK SWITCH'

Your location says North Alabama - over the last couple days, you've been getting LOTS of rain from TS Fay. If there are any problems in your RG6 cable - replace it. Ideally - use a single piece of cable from the dish into indoors. Water in the cable will cause problems. Aiming a dish in the rain is not the greatest to get it done.

It is possible that you got a bad LNB. You might consider getting a service call to get this taken care of.
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Thanks ill have to try the alum foil. I have done the peak angles and got the skew and elevation set. On my check switch screen it says warning only one sat. connected. and it has 199 even and 119 odd in the two #1 slots and in the two #2 slots it has x's. I will try the alum foil when I get in tommorow. Maybe it won't be raining then.

Edit: I used a 3ft. level to make sure my pole is straight. It is perfect.
It sounds like you just need to raise your elevation a couple of degrees, then repeak it.
you need to do the aluminum foil thing to make sure the 119 is coming in on the 119 LNBF.
Update: Well the skies are clear today. My signal was up to 21 on transponder 21. I went out there and tried the aluminum foil trick twice and I dont get it. When I cover up 110 and get my sat dialed in on 119 the signal is still at 21 thats the best I got. When I removed the alum foil and run a check switch still no 110. When I go to the point dish screen and scroll down to sat. 110 it shows up warning wrong sat echostar 119 I have moved the skew elevation and everything and this is a brand new sat dish I just bought yesterday. Also when I have the alum foil over the 110 it says I have signal on 119 but when I try to watch tv it gives me the sat signal is temp. lost screen. For now I just set the skew back to like a dish 300 and I got 35 on my sat signal which is weird also all i done was moved the skew back to normal ( straight up and down ) and got a 15 point boost in signal strength. I will gladly pay the first person that helps me get it right $5 through paypal seriously. must have a paypal account.
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The switch that is inside your LNB is bad. The LNB needs to be replaced.

Any of the following will work for you:

DP Twin
DP Quad
DPP Twin <-- easiest to get, as they are currently in high-volume production, and are the "standard" these days
• When you run
Check Switch,
you see “DP
Quad” identified
as the device or
LNBF but you
have signal
confirmed from
only one
• The DishPro
Quad LNBF is
connected but
the dish may not
be pointed to
receive signal
from both 110W
and 119W
• If the Check
Screen shows
“119W” on Dish
Input 2, you
need to point
your dish 9
degrees to the
east and repoint
it for the
possible signal.

this explains what Im seeing but I know I have turned from side to side alot without any more signal picked up.
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Ok today idk what I did diffrent but I finnaly got a signal from 110. My signal strength for 119 is 40 which is good enough for me but my signal for 110 is only about 16 and Im only picking up the odd transponders not the even ones. I have to get it up higher but idk really what else to do I have moved skew elev. and azimuth. *** Also when I put it on 110 and even transponders it switches back over to 119 and says wrong sat. Why am I not getting the even transponders on 110?? any more suggestions im so close but no cigar yet.
Are the bolts that clamp the dish to the pole (or mast) snug? If they are just finger tight (or just plain loose), you won't get a good signal.
Yea they are tight like I said I have some of the best signal I have had out of 119 just cant get enough signal from 110 to make it work correctly. I figured it had to do with skew but I couldnt make it go over 18 signal strength
Didn't someone already say you have a bad switch in your LNB and need a new one?
Isn't that why you only get odd transponders?
Redlinetire said:
Didn't someone already say you have a bad switch in your LNB and need a new one?
Isn't that why you only get odd transponders?
Oh I forgot all about this sorry I took my lnb today to my dads and put it on his setup which is the same setup im trying to get . The lnb was working perfect at his house. I dont have any trees in front of my dish for atleast 100yrds. So thats why im confused about whats going on.
What kind of receiver do you have? I'm guessing either you have a legacy receiver that isn't able to switch voltages to select the even TPs (could be failing receiver or high DC voltage loss on the cable) or you have a stacked DishPro system with low-frequency barrels or other components in the line that aren't passing the higher frequencies.

It would be helpful to know the model number of your receiver, and the type of Quad LNB you have. If the front says "Dish Network", it's a legacy quad. If the front says "DishPro", it's a DishPro quad.
My reciever is a model 311. Also im changing out my cable today to the Rg-6 cable and im hoping that will help. Right now on my check switch screen im getting this.

1 1 2 2
119 119 110 x
odd even odd x

also its a legacy dish network lnb quad 500
So your Check Switch should go through 38 tests.
scooper said:
So your Check Switch should go through 38 tests.
Yes it goes through 38 test
Okay, I still say the LNB is the likely culprit, but it could be the receiver.

If it were me, I'd get a DPP Twin LNB and pop it on the dish. 80% chance of that fixing it. DishPro/ProPlus receivers put out so much more current that they don't run very reliably on legacy LNBs/switches.
1. Lose the Quad.

2. Install a DPP Twin.

3. Be absolutely certain that you have used quality RG6 cable (and that it doesn't have a large quantity of couplers and/or splitters/diplexers inline).

You should use dishpointer.com to get your directional information. The tables built into the receiver aren't nearly as accurate.
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