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So much news came out over the last 24 hours...

I can't link all the articles here.

So if you do a search on Google, or any of the other popular search engines... and find a story we are not talking about...

Post it, if you think it is worth discussing... or others to talk about.

All I ask is you follow this format:

Title of the Thread: As much of the original title you can fit, or an appropriate re-wording.

Inside the thread:

1st Line: In Bold; the ENTIRE cut and paste title of the artcile
2nd Lines: In [ quote ] [ /quote ], the first 1 or 2 paragraphics of the artcile
Last lines: To read the rest of the story: see [ B ][ URL="link to site" ]Name of Site[ /URL ][ /B ]

Note: Just remove the extra spaces around the brakets to allow the markup to kick in.

Following those conventions allows DBSTalk to comply with any fair usage "rules" out there.

And helps get the news here quickly.

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