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DTV called me at 9AM this morning to let me know they saw me poking around my account for options on programming and wanted to help.

OK - a little creepy - but I'll play. I asked them to hook me up with an HR34 and upgrade my last SD box. After several minutes of "Looking for her supervisor", she told me to call back because she couldn't find him.

Wait - what?? YOU called me! :lol:

I told that's ok - I have a call coming in from Comcast anyways - LOL!

Moral of story - If you are going to bug someone on a Sunday morning, make it worth their while.


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Very funny!

Since I was poking around in my account details a couple weeks ago, maybe that's why I've been getting "Unknown number" calling my house recently. According to Google, the number is Directv. I dont know why they block their name, I would have answered if I saw Directv on the screen.

Now if I can only get Comcrap to stop calling me to remind me that I need a digital tuner on all my tv's before April 3rd. They mailed me 2 or 3 postcards, 1 letter, and literally 6 or 7 phone calls. I dont even have their cable plugged into a tv. :nono2:
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