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Poor Picture...World Series

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I have a 501 and lately i have noticed poor picture quality on some shows on fox. it looks like some type of pixalization that leaves blue dots or streaks from time to time. I am watching the world series right now and it is fairly evident. I called dish and they had me do the usual reboots, etc and then blamed it on the portland, or fox broadcaster. anyone else seeing this problem?

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Watching the World Series Sunday on my DISH Fox west feed I saw a lot of picture freeze and pixelization, so I switched to local cable and saw the same problem. Must have been something with Fox itself.
I watched the Angels-Giants Game 2
OTA Sunday and saw much of what you
describe. It appears to be a problem with
the FOX transmission from Edison Field.
FINALLY! A fellow Portlander seeing crap on FOX. Email [email protected] and tell them about the funky blue crap that pops up on the screen. They think I am crazy. There is also a low level buzz that I hear because I wear headphones a lot. It is now my equipment, it is only on FOX.

Forgot to add, I checked the OTA Analog and Digital signals and the blue crap does not appear, so it is being delivered by DISH.
thanks darrell. i also checked the OTA and saw no signs of it. i just posted a thread on the DTV forum to see if they are seeing any of this. I also sent a note to [email protected] as you suggested. I doubt this is an edison field transmission problem since I am seeing it on other fox shows as well.

even if it is fox, echostar needs to get the problem resolved since fox is echostar's vendor.


PS. how do you check the OTA digital signal...do you have a digital receiver/tuner?
I started noticing this when Fox switched to channel 12. Lots of blue streaks in the dark areas. Very annoying. I sent an email in but haven't heard anything yet.
I noticed this too. I get my locals from the Spokane station, KAYU 28, 508 and 301 recievers, same on both, bad picture during all the games. Can't get it OTA due to lack of an antenna for that now.
The first thing I really noticed was the slow-mo shots of the pitches. Usually you can see the thread rotation, but that wasn't the case this time. My first thought was they were using HD cameras for all the coverage and converting back to standard definition where needed thus creating some quality issues. My other thought is that MLB/FOX doesn't want people recording high quality copies so they can sell the digital versions they've been pushing in the ads. If you pay you can download games on the internet.
You do realize that this thread had not had a post in over a year? It was dead.
I do now. ;)
I did a search and this thread was an almost an exact match, didn't notice it was 2002 though. The picture quality this year was pretty poor here though.
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