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I recently purchased a Motorhome with the Directv Trav'ler SWM3 installed on the roof. At my permanent home I have a Slimline 5 SWM with several HR-24 Receivers. In the past, I used a Directv 18" Dish with a tripod to view SD content on an owned DVR R10 that I would call and activate before leaving home. This worked well but it was always a pain to activate and de-activate the receiver. I understand that the HR-24 can be used to view SD content with an 18" dish (without bbc converters) if I wanted to have a portable option, if needed, due to tree and/or other obstructions affecting the Trav'ler. That said, I would like to know if the following setup will work as I am needing confirmation before I order what I am proposing.

I plan to obtain a SWM3 Dish to use with one of the sturdy, adjustable leg, surveying tripods that have been modified with a small 2" mast added to accommodate the SWM3. I also plan to obtain the Directv ASL-1 to use with my existing cheap digital meter that I used with my 18" dish. I understand the ASL-1 has been discontinued but they are still available in certain places. My basic plan would be (assuming the Trav'ler cannot be used) to setup and level the dish then use the ASL-1 with my meter to get a bead on the 101 degree satellite. I would then use the HR-24 receiver (with my wife's help) to tweak the 99 and 103 satellites to give me HD. Here is one important question that I could not find an answer to elsewhere. Once I hit the 101 satellite is it possible to view SD content even if I am unable to tune in the 99 and 103 satellites? This is important because for a short stay it might not be worth the trouble of dithering to get the 99 and 103 sats for HD.

I had no way of testing this setup without purchasing most of the equipment needed and wanted to confirm my theory prior to pulling out the credit card. I would really appreciate any thoughts or advice on this setup. I understand that a number of RV folks are setting up SWM3's when they travel but I have no idea on the time or effort required. Thank, in advance, for any help.
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