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The installer wired our D* with the switch between the AT9 and the grounding block.
Grounding block and WB68 are outside.

AT9 ------> WB68 ----> grounding block ----> r6 lines out

I would like to rewire my house and create a central distribution for everything (audio, video, LAN, phone).

Can run the AT9 into the grounding block, move the Zinwell switch to the central closet and distribute from there?

AT9 --> grounding block --> zinwel in central closet --> 8 lines out

All distances are less than 70 feet from AT9 to receiver. Coax will be solid copper.

In other words, does each line need to run through the grounding block or is the entire system grounded by running the AT9 -> Ground -> system??


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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