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Possibility of viewing out of market locals for Preseason NFL Games?

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Greetings to all...I am a huge New Orleans Saints Fan...As I have signed up for the Sunday Ticket Package, I am still left out in the cold for 3 or 4 Saints Preseason Games...1 is televised nationally but the others are only shown in local markets for viewers...I have one reciever set up for "an Rv" so when I travel or go camping i can take my set up with me....I was inquiring to find out if there is any possibility to gain access to New Orleans Local Channels while still being in my local market of Knoxville,TN? Last year I camped in the mountains of North Carolina and took my dish and called in to adjust my reciever to their area to view College bowl games in that local area....of course i had calibrate my dish to their local viewing signal for that zip code area i was in...is there any way possible to set up my second dish at my house in Knoxville and call in to give them the New Orleans Zip code and view their locals on a temp basis for 3 dates in August? thanks for the help and advice!!!
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First reason is that it's against the terms of service - whether you find a CSR to do it is another story.

Second reason is that it's not physically possible either: there are two types of signals being sent down to us from the satellites: CONUS (Continental US) and Spot Beams. CONUS cover all markets and carry all but the local channels, excluding, of course, Distant locals. Spot Beams carry the locals and beam them just into the local markets they serve. Your scenario of receiving LA locals while in TN is not possible, unless the spot beam reaches that far north, which I doubt.
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