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Bill Clinton's TV Talk Show...

XXX-President Bill Clinton is discussing with NBC about the possibility of hosting a daytime talk show. Possible show names are:

My Current Affair
Sax, Lies and Videotape
Blowin' Time with Bill
Politically Erect
The "Man, I'm Horny!" Show
Whose Loin Is It, Anyway?
Bill's Hour of Stimulating Oral Exchange
Facial the Nation
Will & Disgrace
Trolling for Tuna!
Judge Bubba
The "Tonight's the Night" Show!
The Left Wing
Uncle Bill's Casting Couch
Bill and Kathie Lee
Cigar Talk with Bubba
Bubba Babble
Pardons He Wrote
Politically Incomprehensible
West Wing Conspiracies
Clinton's Parade of Trailer Park Babes

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:lol: All the names would suite him perfectly

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He is more suited to an episode on Jerry Springer, with Monica and Hillary duking it out
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