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Possible help for those with vibrating unit

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I recall an older thread where we hashed out some thoughts. I have created a few and followed a few ideas of other posters.

The issue being the vibrating (loud rattling and the sound of an engine) from the front of the case - usually near or in the card slot.

We tried adding felt discs to the existing feet. Stuffing the card slot to keep the card from vibrating, someone even taped the top of the unit.

All of these solutions were just temporary for me and the vibrating noise always returned. I was always able to stop it with futzing, but it always came back later.

THE SOLUTION - (at least so far)

Two felt discs (small floor protectors for the bottom of furniture) stacked on top to create a higher foot that the one that exists on the hr-20. Make two of these, one for each side.

Place on directly under the right front card slot, resting all of the weight of the unit on this new foot.

Place another on the left front, opposite the card slot.

The two new feet - which will keep the origial front feet elevated and place the weight more on the front where the vibrations originate.

So far so good - I can't even get the unit to recreate the vibrations, which I was always able to do.

Good luck
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