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UTFAN said:
Hi all,

After 7 years with DISH, I do believe we're going to switch to DirecTV, because of their new NASCAR package. Now I have a better understanding of you folks with Sunday Ticket!

We have a 622, 721 and a 508.

Couple of questions:
1. We got our HD set from DISH, originally with a 921. It's works great. Is it compatable with DirecTV HD receivers? Or did DISH put in some chip or something?

2. What DirecTV receivers will generally deliver the same performance as our 622, 721 and 508?

Many thanks!
Hawkeyes-It's what's for dinner!

Nope, will not work..you will need to order up the AT9 dish along with
the HR20-700 HD DVR or the H20 (HDTV receiver only) SHOULD be able
to get this for $19.95 from Directv installed...however, you will have to sign
a 2 year agreement...
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