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Potential Satellite Convert Here with Questions

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I'm a Time Warner sub exploring my satellite options, so the idea of a hook up I could just drop into my existing pre-wired home (cable drop into 8 way distribution for every room) really peaks my interest. However, I'm in a crossover DMA. Cable carries both affiliates from each Utica and Rome (Syracuse). D* and E* only carry Syracuse and our news is out of Utica, so I want those channels.

How would OTA integrate with a SWMLine? I know the SWM-8 has the port for OTA which integrates the signal to all ports so each set can get OTA, only downside is that SD standard D* IRD's don't have ATSC tuners in them???

There will be more to come as I look at both Dish and Direct. Thank you to anyone who can offer insight and advice.
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Well if you get a HR20 then it has the tuners you are looking for. If you get a newer DVR then you can ask D* for a free AM21 which will hook to your DVR via USB cable and then you can DVR your OTA channels.
If you are going to get any HD on your account, you will be paying the HD fee (which is once per account, not per receiver). In that case, you can simply use HD DVR's for all TV locations, which do have, or support, OTA tuners.

If you are going to have an SD only account, then OTA would have to be directly to your television, and not through your DirecTV equipment.

I'm aware of this. MThe gist of what I was getting at is with an SWMLine, can OTA be integrated into the signal at the dish versus at the switch with an SWM-8?

The other issue is will D* supply a SWMLine antenna or an SWM-8. I'd like to put an OTA capable receiver at each outlet, but the up front cost would be staggering. I wish they would make an SD model with OTA integration. I have 5 outlets that I want serviced. I'm still weighing the options to see which provider will be a better fit seeing as how Dish has the better equipment and would most likely be cheaper. Anyway, thanks for the replies as I gather intel.
I just recently left TWC (hate them), and setup a SWM8 w/ OTA.

If it's possible I would not recommend connecting your OTA to the SWM8 because you are going to have 5 runs. I only have 2 runs that are very short, less than 25 feet and the SWM8 chopped my ant signal in half. I was able to get both AM-21's for free per-say... I got a 12 month credit for the HD Fee to make up for there cost.

What I would recommend is having your installer run you the extra lines to the rooms, where you would like antenna reception, and then just use a splitter to distribute your OTA feed. Depending on what kind of cable you already have ran he might have to redo all of it anyway, and in that case I doubt there would even be a charge.

Both of my installers have been very cool, and it's understood that they work for cash.

Finally, if you want the SWM8 your gonna have to pick it up on your own. At the moment D* is not sending them out to residential installs, or if they are the % of people getting them is very small.

Best of luck,
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Thanks, but it seems almost foolish for D* not to provide an installer with a single wire solution when my house is pre-wired with RG-6U to every room. OTA is a must because I'm in a split DMA and D* only covers Syracuse (no Utica) and Utica covers our local news. I guess I was figuring that with a SWMLine dish one could just diplex the OTA onto the sat feed with minimal loss. I'm going to do a digital OTA test as soon as I get the coupon in and order my converter. Then I'll have a good idea of where I stand signal wise. I could basically do all the leg work for the wiring myself. It is the up front equipment cost that concerns me.

I would go so far as to say I hate Time Warner here. In fact the service has been good. I came from Dish Network when I moved here and TWC made me a great offer. They have made some good strides in this market with about 40-50 HD channels, not to mention the RoadRunner and Phone have been outstanding. However, they are seriously lacking on the cable front and missing the most popular HD networks. That and the guide software is abysmal plus a recent email stated they have no plans for anymore HD anytime soon. So, that is why I'm exploring. I'm leaning toward D*, but am not so quick to write off E*. I hear great things about the 722 and it has all the features I want like DLB, PIP, built in OTA, ability to record 2 sat plus 1 OTA. The funny thing is that if I could take D* programming with E* equipment, I'd switch right now!
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Be aware that E* does not have an SWM and that their switches do not have an input for OTA. Also, 5 TVs would put you over the limit on E*'s leased receivers so it would get very expensive with them.
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