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It's been (and still is.....) my opinion that AC power conditioners --- IF they're built correctly --- WILL help with certain TV problems. One primary benefit is the reduction/elimination of "blooming" of an image, due to fluctuations in a poorly-designed/regulated TV power supply. Maintaining a constant voltage on any electronic device is more likely to result in improved energy efficiency (read: reduced electric waste......:) ) as well as (usually) better overall product life/reliability.....
My advise....Do a Google search for "AC power conditioners" and read ALL the specs on the various models within your anticipated price range....Look for features such as clamping voltage, transient ("spike") response, and an ample joules rating; be SURE you're getting a unit that will be able to handle the load.....My "rule-of-thumb" is a calculated MAXIMUM load.....PLUS 10%.
IMHO.....If you've invested several thousand dollars in HDTV, DD 5.1, satellite, etc. -- you owe it to yourself (AND your investment....!!) to lay out a couple hundred more to help protect both your equipment....and own piece-of-mind....NOTHING....REPEAT.....NOTHING.....wil protect 100%....But a good power conditioner SHOULD help keep you one step ahead of trouble.....
Good luck!
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