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Yes, in fact they *do* make a difference. The company I work for is one of the top distributors of Panamax Power Conditioners. The ones that Monster Cable sells are in fact good enough to make a "bit" of a difference.

However, all Panamax does since 1975 is make Power Conditioning units. No cables, TV's, lens cleaners anything. I actually got to attend a vendor training for Panamax, and they show (with oscilliscopes, Decibel Meters, dVOM's, etc.) how line conditioning works. The Monster Cable power unit did in fact clean the power, however, not as well as the Panamax for the money comparison.

It is worth it to get one, and check on www.panamax.com. I have 4 of the 5410's here at my house. VERY nice product!
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