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Power usage on DirecTV Plus HD DVR 21-100

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I installed a DirecTV Plus HD DVR 21-100 a while back. I noticed that when the unit was powered off, I could still hear it running. A few weeks later I got my electric bill which was significantly higher than normal.

Does anyone know what the power consumption is on this unit in the on and off positions?

I called DirecTV but no one seemed to know and the manual doesn't have that information.

I'm just wondering if the DVR was responsible for the power increase. There were no other unusual power sinks that I know of.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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shouldn't cost more then leaving a computer turned on?
Approxamatly 39 watts in standby (off) and 45 watts "on". Should barely be noticable on your light bill. About a dime a day at $.10 KWH.
Should not be noticable on your power bill really. It uses barely any power compared to just normal flucuations in use with things like light bulbs, ovens, water heaters, etc.

"Off" on a DVR really just means turning off the outputs anyhow. It still continues to run to be able to record your shows and what not.
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