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PowerDVD8 Ultra and Vista

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Hye gents,

Once again I am back here to get solutions from the experts. I am having problems using PowerDVD 8 Ultra to play Blu-Ray Discs on Windows Vista Home Premium. The program autoplays everytime I insert a BD. But as the program goes into playing the disc, a black screen comes up as if its trying to go full screen and it gets stuck. Freezes up. I have to use the task manager to close the program. When I play a regular DVD, it play well, no issues. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software but get the same result on the BD. I uninstalled the software and installed PowerDVD 7.3 BD edition, the software that came with my OEM BD player. It works perfectly. It played every BD I have. I would like to use PowereDVD 8 Ultra since I did buy it from Cyberlink. It baffles me that the older version works flawlessly when the newer one should work better. I used Cyberlink's email support to see if they have a solution to my problem but I came here as well to see if anyone has had the same problem and found a fix.

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have u tried to check for any updates???

also, check the forum from the web page of the product maybe there is some information, but according from what i heard it has to be updates or upgrades
Also check for firmware updates for your hardware.
I tried that. No go. Let me put this out then. Who here is using any Bluray playback software together with SPDIF out on their sound card without issues?
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