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Powerline networking and X10

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Has anyone that has X10 stuff added the powerline networking adapters, and were there any problems?
As anyone that has X10 stuff knows, they can be "quirky", and I thought that I would ask first...
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I make extensive use of X-10 in my home as well, and am interested in hearing others experiences, as I am considering going from wireless to powerline in order to increase speed and reliability.

kvandmx, what brand of powerline adapters do you have? Also, if you have the D* ones, are they the ones with the built in power strip?
rudeney said:
The powerline networking adapters like HomePlug compatible systems should not interfere with X10 as they use different frequencies:


There are many other things that could interfere with X10 signaling. Adding new electronic equipment, surge protectors, and UPS's can all contribute to failed X10 signaling. Also, if the X10 transmitter and receiver are an alternate phases of your 220v feed, then the signal must travel all the way out to the street to the transformer, then back again. Adding just one extra TV or satellite receiver can cause just enough interference and signal absorbtion for failure.

If you are serious about X10, you need these everywhere you have high-tech electronics, surge protectors or UPS's:


And you need one of these:

Rodney - that's what I thought I had heard before, but could not find the info. Thanks! BTW, Smarthome is where I buy all of my X-10 stuff. I also have the phase bridge on my dryer to couple both 'sides' of my home's electrical system.

I would very much like to hear from someone who has X-10 and powerline adapters actually working together, as running wires would be near impossible for me.

I have some in my office where I work - perhaps I could 'borrow' them for a weekend and test them out..........
Well - I just 'borrowed' the PLC's from my office and tried them on my two DVR's. My X-10 stuff was NOT interfered with at all!! Great news!!

So - I just ordered 3 from D*, as you can't beat the new lower price!!

At least for me, there is no problem using these things and X-10 in the same home.


Just received the 3 units from D*. 10 minutes later (most of the time was spent opening the boxes) my DVR's were networked with ease, and there has been no interference at all with my X-10 stuff.

I even have the USB brain from SmartHome that turns stuff on and off all day using a programmed schedule set up on my PC, so I'm a pretty good barometer. If it will work for my set up, it should work anywhere X-10 already does.

Here's a link to the 'brain', BTW:


rudeney said:
I have the old "HouseLinc" system. I have Homeseer, too, but haven't had a chance to get it running yet. I think the HomeSeer interface is that same unit, just without the built-in memory. Homeseer requires a dedicated PC running it.
Yup - the one I have will run on it's own after you program it. I have it in an outlet in my home office, and only connect it to my PC when I want to make a change to my X-10 system (USB cable).

It's great, because it will recognize a command from anywhere around the house and react to it. It allows me to get more out of just basic X-10 devices because of the commands it can send.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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