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"TDK1044" said:
Does anyone else find the PPV and VOD set up with DirecTV confusing and frustrating?

Like a lot of people, I don't have a super fast internet connection...fast enough for us to browse the web and do what we need to do on our Laptops and i-pad, but a movie download from D* would take about two hours.

So, in what I think is a visually confusing mess, we look for movies that have been downloaded to our hard drive and are instantly accessible....that means four or five offerings at best.

As a result, we don't buy any PPV or VOD movies any more. Is this a case of us really needing to get with the 21st century, or do others find this part of DirecTV as useless and confusing as I do? :)
What is your Internet speed? When it asks you to download for 1080p or a faster download which do you select? If you choose the faster download it's still HD. 720p I believe so the picture still looks good and it should download very quickly. Also, it will download quicker if you are watching the movie while downloading instead of putting it in your queue and waiting for the entire movie to download.
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