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VOD seems like something DirecTV has just so they can say they have it. But in reality is almost useless. I suppose it works okay for PPV, but barely at all for all other programming.

For instance, I was wanting to catch up with Being Human before the new season starts on SyFy. And they have episodes 6-10 only on VOD from a 12 episode 1st season. In standard definition.

AMC has big banner for two of their high profile series when you tune to their VOD channel. But only has the first three episodes of season 2 of Walking Dead and the last two of Hell on Wheels. Again, only in standard def.

In fact, most of their non-PPV, non-premium channel content is in SD. I suppose if you want to watch random episodes of stuff on a 27" tube TV then VOD is appealing. For the rest of us, it's just not there yet.
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