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I was trying to order the Royal Rumble for tomorrow night (yes, I'm the guy who still watches wrestling), but none of my receivers would give me the option to purchase. I checked other available PPV's and they all gave me the option to purchase. I jumped online and ordered it with a couple clicks. Now, when I look at my Account Overview, it shows the cost was added to my account but nothing shows up under Orders. I did get an email confirming the online order. I checked all of my receivers, too, but none of them show any record of the purchase. Also, when I go to that channel, it doesn't give me the normal "you've already purchased this event" message. Should I order it again online?. Will they charge me twice for the same PPV if it did go thru? I have a bunch of people coming over tomorrow night and I'm afraid at 8:00 when it starts, my screen is going to go black and tell me I need to order it.. I've never ordered a PPV online (never had to), so I'm not familiar with how it works.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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