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PQ problem with Dallas PBS (ch 8406)

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I posted about a month ago about PQ problems on the Dallas locals; thanks to everyone who responded. Most didn't see what I'm seeing, and Dish has sent out two more service people who couldn't find the problem (they actually told me I should just go ahead and switch back to cable!)

There are problems on each Dallas network now; some are fairly subtle and might take awhile to see. But I watched a 2-hour doc. on PBS (ch 8406) last night, and the picture was so bad that if it's a Dish problem, it should be visible on most TVs. First, there's a vertical bar just left of center of the picture; very visible on solid light or dark backgrounds. Plus there's double and triple images on text, easily seen in opening/end credits. There's been similar problems on 8400 and 8401, but I've never seen them together and as bad as on 8406 last night. Is anyone else seeing this??

(A new problem started on NBC-8402 last week, where blue and red splotches are appearing and disappearing all the time, especially when there's movement in the picture. Am I just going crazy?)

Thanks for any help...

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Which PBS are you watching, KERA-13 or KERA(KDTN)-2? The latter station has always ha problems....
I had two customers call Wed. 8/7/02 complaining about blue spots on NBC(8402) both times I could not find any problems on my two showroom units 27" & 32" TVs. I suggested they call DISH Tech support. This looks like a problem that may be affecting a particular software version or a manufacturing run of product.
mnassour, I'm watching KERA-13. (Actually, I don't think Dish has the KDTN-2 on the dish, do they? Maybe it's on 61.5...)

boba, those blue spots are really subtle. The first night I saw them about a week ago, it took me awhile to really see it. They flash in and out really fast. Look for them in darker colors, especially around movement. Most of the time they're blue, but there's occasionally red ones too. They don't have even edges, and are about 1" long on my 36" screen. I even tried catching them on s-vhs tape. Even that's hard for some reason. I taped some golf where the dots were very visible, but then when I frame-by-frame advanced the tape, it was very hard to freeze one. Very strange. By the way, I have a 4-year old model 5000 receiver.
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