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Premium Channels in Guide

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I signed up for the Showtime package today and when I go to my guide I noticed that some, but not all, of the Showtime channels are grayed out. Is that a system error where the guide thinks I don't subscribe to those channels? They work fine if I tune to them.
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it will take maybe a few hrs but it clears eventually.
It should clear up, but if not you can try to refresh your services via the web or have a csr re-send the authorization to your machine.
You're right, it cleared up about an hour later.
This also happens sometimes on a newly-activated receiver on an existing account. I think the activation for being able to watch the channel and the indicator for the guide to show it in gray or not must be in two different data streams hence the hour or so wait for it to get straightened out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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