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Does any one have any updates on when we will see more Premium HD channels like HBO2 and others in HD..

I just saw the FIOS lineup in NY and man... they have 100, now their Premium HD lineup is crazy...

840 Starz HD
842 Starz Edge HD
845 Starz Kids & Family HD
847 Starz Comedy HD
865 Showtime HD
866 Showtime West HD
867 Showtime Showcase HD
868 Showtime Showcase West HD
869 Showtime 2 HD
870 Showtime 2 West HD
873 Showtime Extreme HD
874 Showtime Extreme West HD
885 The Movie Channel HD
886 The Movie Channel West HD
887 The Movie Channel Xtra HD
888 The Movie Channel Xtra West HD
899 HBO HD
901 HBO West HD
902 HBO 2 HD
903 HBO 2 West HD
904 HBO Signature HD
905 HBO Signature West HD
906 HBO Family HD
907 HBO Family West HD
908 HBO Comedy HD
909 HBO Comedy West HD
910 HBO Zone HD
911 HBO Zone West HD
912 HBO Latino HD
913 HBO Latino West HD
920 Cinemax HD
921 Cinemax West HD
922 More Max HD
923 More Max West HD
924 Action Max HD
925 Action Max West HD
926 Thriller Max HD
927 Thriller Max West HD
929 At Max HD
930 Five Star Max HD
931 OuterMax HD

dont get me wrong.. i love both D* and Vz... but we need more Premiums in HD.. :D

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We're supposed to get a couple more Showtime HD channels this weekend. D* did announce that they would be adding more HBO channels months ago, but nothing since. Folks assume that we'll get more Starz/Encore HD channels since Liberty which owns them also has a controling interest in DirecTV but nothing official there either.

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I hope we get some HBo's in HD next week.. but it looks like it gonna me mostly FSN's.

thats according to the press release.
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