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Premium Movie Channels, Which one?

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Ok, I've noticed most of you have Premium channels, If you had to pick 1 package, which on would you pick.

1.Showtime Unlimited
2.HBO The Works
3.MultiMAX from Cinemax
4.STARZ Super Pak

Is there that 1 channel it seems like you watch most in any one of these packages ?
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I don't have any, but of those, I'd take the HBO package
I watch HBO and have had it in some fashion since 1980 (I know, cable had only one HBO channel until Digital). I have tried all packages and prefer HBO. Cinemax is really at the bottom because it shows lots of leftover movies. For example, 10 years ago when I had Cinemax, they showed movies such as 'The Cars That Eat People', a movie that was billed as "The Sequal to the Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes". The problem was that the movie was not a sequal and had hardly any dialogue in it. It was made in Australia. No wonder why koala bears hate Quantas now....lol :D . CineMax is also been called SkinMax because of its endless variety of topless and bottomless movies. Chances are that you'll find a movie every night starring Shannon Tweed or Andrew Stevens. I did hear of one person who is very satisfied with his CineMax: Gene Simmons. Gee, I wonder why? :D

Okay, ramble mode off now. Here's what I place in order:

I have none, but heres my rating of the the best to the worst.

1) Starz (They show a lot of movies I like)
2) HBO (would be #1 since I always wanted to see the Sopranos but since I can get that show OTA I'll bump it down to #2)
3) Showtime (Not a big fan of most Paramount movies but there are a few I like)
4) Cinemax (Hey TW, cut the porn and the rates of the other maxs and maybe Charlie will pick then up one day)
Everyone has their own reasons for picking one package over another but in my case I like Showtime because they show HDTV movies in their true aspect ratio. HBO crops wide 2.35:1 movies to fit 16X9. Drives me crazy!!!
I have HBO and Showtime for their original series. I couldn't care less about the movie content they both have, except for the HD channels, and then really on Showtime, as I really dislike what HBO does to the aspect ratio of 2.35:1 movies.
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