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press play after pausing a recorded program causes it to skip a couple of seconds?

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I'm a newbie to the Hopper/Joey scene.

When I press PAUSE during playback of a previously-recorded program, the
picture freezes.(obviously :) )

However, if I press PLAY to resume playing, the Hopper and Joey will skip
forward one or two seconds. This is very annoying because I usually end
up having to rewind to catch the words that missed. This occurs on both
my main TV with Hopper, or 2nd TV with Joey. :(

My previous DVR, the 722k, never did this.

Is this a glitch or defect with my Hopper/Joey? :confused:
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I've noticed this also. In fact, when you hit 'PAUSE' the audio and video pause asynchronously.

In my old 622, when resuming from a PAUSE, the DVR would back up 2 seconds. Very nice.
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