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My initial reactions / thoughts with the understanding that all the details weren't revealed here:

Lack of OTA is essentially a deal-breaker for me. I have one local station that D does not carry the HD feed for so getting it OTA is my only option for HD on that channel. Not having access to the secondary channels, especially the live weather / radar loop is also a deal killer for me. Hopefully there is some way to add OTA to it.

The Zigbee remote sounds great but I wonder if the boxes also support IR? Many of us have programmable remotes already and wouldn't really want to get rid of them or have to use an additional one.

Not enough tuners! I currently have two 622s with OTA on both so I've got a lot of recording capacity and find I need it quite often. I guess I could keep one 622 and my current distribution method for it but then I'm tying up a lot / possibly all the coax in my house I would need for the MOCA distribution to the Joey boxes.

I'm glad to see they are finally releasing a whole-home solution though.
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