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'Price is Right' Shops for Models

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(Zap2it.com) - CBS' popular daytime game show, "The Price is Right" is searching for new models. Finalists will appear in upcoming shows. Early this fall, two will be named season regulars. The show will resume taping in on August 19, after giving host Bob Barker a chance to recover from recent prostate surgery.

Replacements are needed for departing models, Nikki Ziering and Heather Kozar. Model Claudia Jordan will remain on "The Price is Right." According to the show's official website, Kozar's appearance on the show has led to "appearances in an increasing number of high paying television commercials and other assignments, some of which conflicted with the show's production schedule."

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kozar probably just had it with "randy" bob(tho exactly how randy bob can be after prostate surgery is anyone's guess)-the way these game shows are filmed, no one should have a problem scheduling anything around them,...
here's a great opportunity for Anna Nicole Smith to get a fulltime job
I really liked Kozar's exposure she got in Playboy.
Heather Kozar is from my community, she went to the High School I attended, so we here alot about her here.
according to darrel, i suspect you've seen a lot more of her than you ever expected also...
Originally posted by xxxx
here's a great opportunity for Anna Nicole Smith to get a fulltime job
If Anna gets the job.. then they only need one model! I understand that recently, she got her own zipcode! :lol:
The only reason I know of Heather Kozar is because at one time she was dating then Bears QB Cade McClown(McNown).

I had no idea she was on PIR.

I'm sure she's happy to get off the show, and spend time spending her loser-boyfriend's money.

I had been watching TPIR off and on since I have a busy schedule and wondered why Rod Roddy was not on. Found out that he had colon cancer and had to take a leave of absence from the show so he can have surgery.

So bob getting some new girl friends. At his age I should hope to be so lucky:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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