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tampa8 said:
For those who have the Hopper up and running, and have an EHD attached..... Do you have any movies on the EHD that you either recorded during a free preview or no longer subscribe to the Movie provider? Such as, do you have Starz movie and you no longer subscribe to Starz ...

My question, will the Hopper allow you to watch that movie? The other forum has a person who can not, but no one else has answered that they tried or not and I see no other mention of it. Trying to figure out if this is some new restriction (better not be) or just a glitch with the poster.
Yes, I'm able to view recordings on a channel that I don't subscribe to anymore. I will say that my external hard drives work very buggy, sometimes I get error code 00 (Whatever that is) but I'm still able to view the recording, also the external hard drive reads as 4% full even though I have 500 HD movies recorded on the drive. No artwork except for a few recordings
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