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Problem with Recording CSI NY

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I have had a HR21 since July but not messed with recording much yet. With the new season of shows starting I set it to record House, CSI, and CSI NY

I set them up to record first run only.

Last week they did not record. I did not pay much attention to the to do list since I assumed they would record.

This week House was on the to do list and did record. But CSI NY was not on the todo list and is not a repeat. I noticed this on Tuesday and went to the guide and pressed record on the guide for CSI NY.

Today, Wednesday I looked at the to do list and CSI NY was not on the to do list and when I looked at the guided is was not set to record. So at 7:00 PM I pressed record on the guide and at 10:00 it is record.

I do have the parent controls turned on so that that any movies above PG-13 are blocked and TV - MA shows. I am not sure how this plays into things but I thought I would mention it.

What is going on???? Should I call Direct TV for a Replacement???

I have a HR21-100 with the July 2008 update.

Let me know if there is any other info you need but based on what I am reading on these boards I think I much just set the manual recording on a weekly basis for the shows I watch. then I am not depending on any guide or other issues.

Thanks for your help.
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I had a similar problem recently. Did you schedule any of these series recordings via the Directv website?

Either way, go into your prioritzer and see if you have any duplicates. Also, see if deleting a series or 2, then going out and back in again, they magically re-appear. I had this, and eventually fixed it, by clearing it out, rebooting, clearing again, rebooting etc.

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