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Problems tuning to 95 degree satellite

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I got HR20 and activated it today. Got the unit setup(still have the 3-LNB dish that got me two satellite - 101 and 95. 95 is required for receiving Channel One Russia that I am getting on R15s. So, I setup HR20, go to Satellite setup, tell it that 95 satellite is installed, then to goes through configuration check, and tells me that it found two satellites(101 and 119, but it failed on checking satellite 95). So, the biggest problem is that now HR20 successfully finds two satellites(never had 119 before - not sure what it's for), but it errors out detecting satellite 95.

Does anyone have an idea how to troubleshoot this? I had advanced tech support on the line from DirecTV, and at this point they suggested that either the receiver is bad or the wiring is wrong - stuff that I cannot really believe, since R15s are working just fine, and I can't think of a good reason why HR20 won't detect presence of 95.

Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated.
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119 provides some of the National HD channels.

Sorry I can't help you with the rest of your post. I am sure you will have an answer soon enough though
hey compwhiz,
I think the missing ingredient might be the multiswitch. I'm not familiar with the R-15, but what kind of multiswitch are you using? For my setup, I need to point to the 72.5 degree dish, so along with my HR-20, I added the Zinwell WB68 switch for that purpose.

EDIT: Sorry - I meant I need to point to the 72.5 degree "satellite" - not dish.
Hmmmm, I thought that sat 95 was a ka band..:confused:
I'm not 100% sure if I get the question right but the 3LNB gives you the 101,110 and 119.

The international dish gives you the 95 and the 101.
Either way, compwhiz requires 2 dishes, so I believe if you have the HR20, you need the WB68 switch because of its "flexport" input that allows a second dish to be connected. All 6 inputs are in use at this point - 4 from the HR-20 and 2 from the 95. I have the same setup, except the 72.5 is in the flexport.
litzdog is one of the experts on this, but thinking about this further:

you definitely need the proper Zinwell WB68 multiswitch and 2 separate dishes to achieve this.

although the HR20 doesn't require the new 5LNB dish per say, you still need a second dish to point to the 95 while being able to receive all the other satellites (99, 101, 103, 110 and 119) on the AT-9 or AU-9 for the HR20.

So I guess I don't understand how you were ever able to receive the 95 on the 3LNB dish to begin with, but the point is, with the HR20, you need 2 dishes to be able to have all the standard (and HD) D* USA programming - plus the Russian SD programming on the 95.

Did D* install the new HR20 for you? Or did you do it yourself?
Thanks for all the wonderful replies! I am really impressed by the knowledge level of the people on this board.

I guess I have an international dish, as I only have one, but have always been able to receive signal from 95 and tune to Channel 1 Russia.

I have ordered one HR20 from D*, but they have dropped the bomb on me, and cancelled my install, as they claim shortage of the units. So my order is pending with them to bring me HR20 and install 5LNB dish and second dish.

I got this HR20 from BestBuy when I got my new HD TV there, so I got tired of waiting and decided to activate it today. I know I won't get HD channels just yet, but R15 is SO FLAKY on the DVR side for me that I really need to try a different unit, so I decided to replace one of R15s ahead of time.

Bottom line - I know I have the right dish to receive international programming. do I have to wait for an installer to come out to fix my issues, or is there any chance I can use HR20 for now in the same capacity as R15(without HD channels) but be able to tune in sat 95 as I am able with R15?
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