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problems with 622 EHD - 750gb limit?

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Hi all,

Is this 750gb EHD limit I keep reading about reality, or just hearsay?

Here's what happened to me:

I have a 622 to which I attached a 1tb external drive that I put together.

It seemed to work fine, even showed "9xx gb available". (don't recall the exact number but it was way more than 750.)

I did the usual thing, transferring a bunch of shows to it from the internal drive. This all appeared to go normally.

Then the system was not used for quite a awhile (a month), although it was turned on, and by the way both are plugged in to an AVR-type UPS.

When I went to use it again, the main unit was still working as normal, but when I went to get a show from the external drive, all the 622 would do is offer to format it again for me.

Good thing that none of the shows I archived were all that important. :mad:


Is this a manifestation of the reputed 750gb limit?
Could a software update have caused this?
Would the long time with no use be a factor?

Any answers, information, or outright speculation is welcome.


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750gb is the largest EHD that Dish officially claims to support. So, it is believed that is the largest drive they have put thru QA testing. However, many others have said they use 1tb drives with no problems.

Did you try a power cord reset on the receiver and on the drive? Back in the early days of EHD support it would sometimes want to format the drive but if you did a hard reset everything would come back. Not sure that would have helped or not, but I sure would have tried it before reformatting the drive.
Thanks, Chuck, and don't worry, I haven't let it format anything just yet. I will try the full power cycle when I get a chance, which now won't be for a while again.

PokerJoker. Search on 750GB limit and you will get a number of threads that discuss this limit. Could it of cause your issue. Hard to tell and I don't think anyone could can answer the questions. My gut given what you have posted is no.

Chuck advice is good. Give it a try and go from there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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