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I think this is a "Head End" problem (is that what we call the DTV central uplink facility?).

The audio levels on the San Francisco local stations appears all over the map. Kron 4, both in HD and SD blasts out with a level that appears to be 20 db (subjective) more than others. Some of the PBS affiliates are high, some low (audio wise).

It's so bad, I have to turn the volume down when changing stations!

Is this the right place to bring this up?


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My problem is probably closer to 10 dB rather than 20 (a 10dB is still twice as loud), but I've experienced this in Wisconsin, too.

Some people have put add-on compressors/limiters in their audio chain to solve the problem. You have to go to analog audio out on your satellite receiver and run a separate audio system for these to work. They'll also squash the dynamic range out of the system, but for day to day use, that might be OK. You'd want to bypass the compressor, maybe by going to the digital input on your home theater receiver, for serious listening.

Terk VR1 Automatic Volume Control - $30

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