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Problems with WD 1TB WD10EACS (green) drive as internal replacement

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I tried a WD 1TB WD10EACS (green) drive as an internal replacement.

The first time it formatted and worked.

All subsequent restarts fail at the self test routine.

The screen goes to a temperature self test subroutine where it shows:

Max allowable temperature: 122
Unit intitial temperature: 491

Then goes through a 5 minute cool down routine that fails, then there is no way to skip it.

491 is a spurious number; it never changes and the drive is cold. I suspect that the format process bypassed the temperature test the very first boot up.

I assume that the drive is giving an incompatible temperature signal and the self diagnostics don’t let the system get beyond that.

Replacing the original drive fixes things. I am on CE:15:05, the last but one release.

Any ideas?
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RunnerFL said:
Sounds like the temp sensor on the drive has gone bad. You may want to try returning the drive as defective and getting another.

Also, since the specific model was not listed by the OP, its difficult to determine the "normal" temp range, as the HR21's run cooler than the HR20's. If it alllows a max temp of 122, then it will most likely continue to have issues in any HR20, whereas it should be fine in any HR21 (better ventillation and cooling fan placement).
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