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Problems with WD 1TB WD10EACS (green) drive as internal replacement

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I tried a WD 1TB WD10EACS (green) drive as an internal replacement.

The first time it formatted and worked.

All subsequent restarts fail at the self test routine.

The screen goes to a temperature self test subroutine where it shows:

Max allowable temperature: 122
Unit intitial temperature: 491

Then goes through a 5 minute cool down routine that fails, then there is no way to skip it.

491 is a spurious number; it never changes and the drive is cold. I suspect that the format process bypassed the temperature test the very first boot up.

I assume that the drive is giving an incompatible temperature signal and the self diagnostics don’t let the system get beyond that.

Replacing the original drive fixes things. I am on CE:15:05, the last but one release.

Any ideas?
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I have two of those drives running. One in an HR21-200 and one in a HTPC. Haven't had a problem with either. My average temp on the HR21 is about 105...and my HTPC runs at about the same internal temps (40c).

I'd suggest taking the drive out and running a SMART check on it...if it reports errors...then RMA it away.
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