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Programming 622 remote for Vizio SV420XVT

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I cannot seem to get the TV programmed into the remote. What are the steps again for

A.) Finding the code on its own
B.) Vizio Codes
C.) Entering a Vizio Code to see if it works.

Any help is appreciated.
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To power scan for the code press and hold the TV button until all four light up. then press the main power button (not the TV power button), and the TV light should stay lit. Press the up arrow key (channel up) untill the TV turns off. The light will flash out for each press of the up arrow. Once the TV turns off press the # key in the lower right hand corner. The TV button will flash three times, and the code will be locked. The 6.0-UHF, and IIRC the 5.0-IR remotes will run the codes pretty quickly, and it's pretty easy to go past the code by a few codes before the TV shuts off if your hitting the button pretty fast. (The 6.3-UHF and 5.3-IR remotes are slow enough to catch) If you do just do it again, but hitting the down arrow key instead of up. If you go through all the codes the TV button will flash three times when you try to push the up, or down key, and you've made it through all the codes and are trying to go past the code it's set to. I've not had much trouble getting VIZIO programed to the remotes. You shouldn't have any problems.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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