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I am currently a Total Choice Premier subscriber in the 77904 (south texas) zip code. I have standard definition, and some Distant Networks.

I now have:

CBS east & west
NBC east & west

ABC & FOX are not available as they are here locally, but not in high definition, or in the D* locals package.
The chart on the D* site gives me the following:

Standard Distant Network Service
Network Affiliate Channel Status
ABC KAVU 25 Grade A (strong signal)
CBS Eligible
FOX KVCT 19 Grade A (strong signal)
NBC KMOL-LP 17 Grade A (strong signal)
PBS Eligible

Even though the NBC is also local, I am receiving "NY & LA" through D* at this time (have been for years - I use to also have ABC but that was cut several years back)

My concern is that if I want to make any changes in service or equipment, like going to "HD", will I somehow lose my current locals and only be able to receive the CBS feed as listed on the D* site?

The local networks are of extremely poor broadcast quality, and are all owned by the same company and run from one central location...(abc, nbc, fox, spanish language, etc)

I never was able to get waivers for the other stations, and am curious if I made any changes, if I would lose what little I have left in my locals package I have now?

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