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Is it just me, or does anybody else have any complaints about D*'s programming changes?

I found out 1/2 hour into a football game (I was recording) that I no longer get FSN Ohio (I live in Ohio) w/ the Total Choice package. I know I used to... not sure when the change was made but I know I wasn't told about it. I call them up, and they tell me I have to have the Sports Pak to get that channel.

Each region's Fox Sports channel should be considered a local channel of sorts... it used to be.

And of course that's on top of the HD channel switch they made a while back (moving UHD and several others to a seperate package).

I suppose it's not as bad a TW dropping the local NBC channel for Dayton. But at least TW gave their subscribers some advance notice.

New subscribers get all the benefits... how about throwing us longtime subscribers a bone... and I'm not talking about 3 free months of Showtime? How about a choice of some additional programming, discounts, etc?! I would've taken the Sports Pak over Showtime had I known I didn't get FSN Ohio!

D*... are you listening?! If you're going to make programming changes... you need to find a way to grandfather in those w/ existing service. I'll pay for additional channels as they're available if I want them... but don't make me pay seperately for channels I've had for years.

That's a great way to lose longtime customers...

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Since I don't live in your area, I can't check your problem.

However, are you sure you lost the ability to view FSN Ohio? Many of the sports channels in the 600's were moved to new channel numbers a couple of weeks ago.

Check the guide first to see whether yours has moved.
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