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Programming Guide and ESPN2

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I am a little irritated with the guide and my receievers. Last week I went through the guide and setup recordings for all of Team USA Basketball games and manually recorded them on 2 of my receivers (HR20-700 and HR21-700) and nothing is setup to record now for these games.
Is it because of the new sat?
I look in history and the to do list there is nothing regarding basketball showing up.
Part of the problem was trying to find them, one game it would show TEAM USA vs ??, the next game it would be U.S. vs ??? and finally the third time it showed United States vs ??.
Come on be consistent!
So I just went through and setup the recordings again, hopefully, it will record the games now (they are now in the to do list).
I do not need to know the scores since I am recording the 5:00pm showing (although I will problably hear before then).
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After looking in the History, "Cancelled: Recording was cancelled because Channel is no longer available" must have been because of the MPEG2 to MPEG4. I wish we would have been "warned" about it . Maybe through the messaging.
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