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Programming packages vs dish

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Does anyone know if Directv has any plans to offer programming packages that will compete with Dish Networks Turbo HD packages? I have been eyeing these packages for a while now hoping Directv would start to offer something similar.

Dish can give me everything I need, HD-DVR and a HD package that includes ESPN and NFL in HD for $40 per month! Directv can't come close but I have been with Directv for 12 years and don't really want to switch.

Thanks, Mike
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I am sure there is research being done and figures being added up to one day offer an HD-only package. For right now the best you can do is 52.99 + 9.99 HD Access and that would include NFL Network and ESPN among almost 200 other channels. You get more channels with DirecTV.
That really depends on what you want. I think D* provides a broader selection and greater flexibility. I recommend you also consider the future with regards to channel selection and equipment.
You are better off staying with D* to be honest with you.

An HD-only package would be attractive in about a year, I'd say. By then all of the channels that are worth having will be HD and nobody will need the SD channels.
When you add up the numbers it's not all that much more for DirecTV's Plus HD DVR package and you get more HD channels and 250+ SD channels, a few of which you might watch. I think the last time I did the math it was $10-12 more for DirecTV in that kind of setup. Frankly for me it's worth the extra 10 bucks as there are still some SD channels we watch and there are HD channels we watch that Dish doesn't carry.

But if Dish really does carry all the channels you care about for $40 then go for it.
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