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Pronto Remote and 721

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Is anyone using a Philips Pronto remote with the 721?

Are any discrete on and off codes available. I'm also looking for feedback on how the two work together.

I'm currently using two Dish 5000 receivers and have to leave them on all the time.

I have tried searching this forum and also on Remotecentral.com for anyone posting discrete codes. Nothing found.

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I have a pronto and it works just fine. I do not have any discrete codes but would love to find some. After I settle on my 721 programming I was planning on uploading to remotecentral. I am still messing around with various configs. Please post any discrete codes you find here. Thanks....marshal
In addition to my 501, they also worked on my model 5000. I'll bet they'll work on most dish receivers.
These codes should work for every Dish receiver. But they are NOT addressable, so if you have more than 1 receiver in the same location (like I do) they will control them all at the same time.
Andrea, were you going to do a 2003 calendar?

I've been wanting to thank you for all the work you put into the Dish Network Logos. My Pronto wouldn't be the same without them!
Yeah, I need to make a 2003 calendar. I can make a B&W one quick, but I need to make a color one at some point, too. I'll see if I can't do the B&W 2003 calendar this week and get it uploaded to Remote Central.
Adress the other Dish Network factory remotes to other codes than code 1 so that way you know your remote will work the receiver in which you choose that you did not program with another code other than 1.
so what's the word on these discrete codes? Will they power the 721 for sure? Who has tried?

I don't have a pronto.. I wonder if there's a way to program them into my old HP 48 GX calculator so I can teach my Marantz RC2000 MkII remote.

Anyone live in Austin and have a Pronto?
kyoo - I believe that you can use Prontoedit with your Marantz remote, can't you? If so, you can use these codes directly - just cut and paste them into prontoedit and download to your marantz remote.

That sounds cool.. but I doubt you're right.. but I hope you are.. You are probably thinking of one of the other model Marantz remotes. I have a RC2000 MkII.

So, are you sure?
Nope - I didn't realize how many different marantz remotes there were. You'd need at least the model 3200 or the 5000 to use prontoedit. Check out www.remotecentral.com for details.
Well, I just bit the bullet, and purchased a 721 to replace my ailing DP. I also have a 4000. I currently have a Pronto (TSU1000) that I use to program both. I found a workaround for the 4000 power, but not for the DP. Hopefully the discretes above will work for the 721 when I get it next week. Currently, both receivers are on address 1, but have different IR codes, and only the 4000 has UHF. However, since the 721 also has UHF, I have to have different addresses now, so I will probably move my 4000 to address #2, and re-enter all the IR codes for doing that, so I can steal address 1 codes for the 721 if someone has already done that. Are there some CCFs that have the 721 in them posted already?
Wouldn't it be easier to just learn all of the buttons on the 721 remote? I've got a pretty nice layout for my 501 in my ccf that I'd be happy to provide you, but my experience is it's easier to just teach the remote the codes in prontoedit.
I have a pronto and a 721 but I have not tried the code. (Unfortunately too busy working on other things - Plus I have a new baby coming in 3 weeks) :D

As soon as I get a few minutes I will see if it works or not. BTW my 721's remote address is 13.
I just tried it on my Dish 6000 and my 721. The codes work on the 6000, however they do NOT work with the 721 (Even with the L1.05 update)
Mark, your right. The easiest thing is to re-learn the 721 commands into my current CCF. I looked for 721 CCFs at remotecentral.com but there weren't any. I guess it's easy for me to add the PIP and other features into my current CCF.

Scott, that's a real bummer about the 721 discretes not working. I guess I'll just leave it ON.
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