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Protection Plan Pricing Changes?

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Hey everyone,
I was just looking on my current setup on the D* website and under the $5.99 protection plan charge, it says "Advanced Product $7.99 Monthly". I have an HR21 and I've never seen this before. Is this another fee that D* has hiked up? Does this mean my HR21 is not covered under this $5.99 fee??
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dtrell said:
its still 5.99. no one on here really knows what that 7.99 is, but no one is paying it.
They kept charging me 7.99 for awhile. It took awhile for me to notice it (I finally did back in the spring) and when I talked to them about it they gave me BS saying that I needed to call in to request the lower price. After several phone calls and a lot of time I was given a $5 credit for 9 months to offset what I had paid.
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