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PS3 Ver 2.41

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Sony released ver 2.41 last night updateing mine now.
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not sure, I haven't seen any packaged release notes lately.
There was a 2.40 release that was bricking boxes.


Here's what it was "supposed" to do...
The firmware update added several notable features, most prominent of which is the ability to access the XMB operating system screen while playing PS3 software. It also added an Internet search command that does not first require an open browser, and a new "trophy collection," which lists all the user's objective-based trophies collected from games which support that feature.

I'd guess that 2.41 will allow these new features and have the added bonus of not bricking your box...
From what I understand 2.40 bricked some PS3's. I would assume the fix for that is in 2.41. Howerver, I downloaded 2.40 and didn't have a problem.
Come to think of it, there where several occasions of my screen going blank after booting. I had to power off the power cord switch. I thought it was the game.... That explains that one.
2.41 ts the fix for the failed 2.40 have not gotten to test out the XMB yet at least it didnt brick mt system.
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