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I recently bought a hopper and 2 joeys off ebay to install and replace my 722 leased DVR and have a few questions.. I am hoping someone on here can help me out.

First off I know I need to get a solo node, which I am planning on buying. Do I need any special Coax cables or can I use the standard ones you would find at Home Depot, etc?

I called up Dish to activate the boxes and the CSR without asking for information on the units automatically they said no we can't do that you have to use our Hopper/Joey from us direct. I have read on this forum that it can be done? So any input would be helpful there.

Also, I still have time to return the units. How do I make sure the units aren't someone's leased units that they sold on ebay??

Thanks in advance!

Before someone jumps down my throat about asking why I decided to buy equipment vs lease equipment it is because I didn't want to extend my contract as I could potentially move with work to a location that has bad satellite reception.
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