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Push, Nevada premieres tonight

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As far as I can tell this is the only show remotely interesting in ABC's Fall lineup.

From TV Tome:

It's been called "uniquely involving, provocative and offbeat"; "moody, mysterious, unpredictable and weird"; "quirky in that Northern Exposure kind of way"; with a "groundbreaking concept and sharp writing". It also has a horrible time slot (currently, it airs opposite CSI and Will and Grace; What the heck?!). Aoko wants somebody to watch so she has a chance to win the loot. Oh, yes, there's big money involved!

Howdy . . . You are now entering Push, Nevada

When Jim Prufrock (Derek Cecil), a mild-mannered IRS agent, traveled to a remote desert town in search of some missing cash, he didn't know he would be meeting up with some strange individuals instead. The story begins when a fax is accidently (?) sent to Jim from the Versailles Casino. The fax alerts him to a sizable accounting error -- and a possible embezzlement scheme. A phone number listed on the fax leads to Casino honcho Silas Bodnick, but he has nothing to say about the missing money. Jim wants to know what in blazes is going on, so he packs his bags and travels to Push, where mystery and intrigue are the norm. Push is a sleepy (read: creepy) town where the only casino, the Versailles, pays out the big jackpots; where the lonely look for a slow dance, a shoulder, and companionship at "Sloman's"; and where the townspeople's intimate encounters are synchronized at 9:15 every night. During his pervestigation of Push, Jim meets Mary (Scarlett Chorvat), a striking beauty who advises Jim to leave Push's secrets in Push and get out of town before it's too late. Jim's determined to find out what mysteries lie within Push, no matter what. Through his (mis)adventures, a shadowy team of high-tech operatives monitor his every move.

Push, Nevada is an interactive mystery that consists of two components, Push, Nevada: The Drama and Push, Nevada: The Game. Interested in playing The Game? If you gather all the info, and check the clues, you could be the lucky winner of a $1.2 million cash prize buried somewhere in the country.

Push on...
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