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PVR 508 lost it's sound

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Interesting problem with my Dishnet PVR 508 last night.
For some reason the audio output went tits up.
No sound thru the receiver nor direct to the TV.
Fortunately I also have a 301 connected to my home theater.
I was able to use it.
Trouble shooting this morn I went into the system setup/Dolby Digital and again told it what type of noise to make.
PCM only, Dolby Digital only, and finally Dolby Digital/PCM.
Afterwhich I again had sound.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
I've only had Dish for two or three weeks now, any other "quirks" I should be aware of?
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Hold down the power button on your PVR 508 for about five seconds until the red light appears. This will reset your PVR and should fix the problem. This sometimes happens when a recording conflicts happens and is not resovled.

You may need to reset your PVR sometimes when things start acting a little funny.
If you are using the optical output and you don't have your 508 set to pcm/dolby digital some channels will not have sound. Keep it on mixed
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