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PVR 721 and 119 only

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I was just told an interesting thing. I was told by my local vendor that for the 721 to work it has to "see" both 119 and 110. Up here in southeast alaska we can only see 119 reliably. While we can get 110 we need a two meter dish. So, can the 721 work with just a signal from 119? I have two receivers and still want to use my old 4000 and the new 721. I had been assuming that I could use a switch to split the signal from my dual LNB, sending one to the 4000, two to the 721 and terminate the left over. Scott or anyone else, do you know if this will work? Thanks...marshal
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I live in the Virgin Islands and I am in the same boat as you. 119 only.
Sure we can use the 721 here (and in AK) but the EPG comes from 110. All we would get is a 44hr EPG. That more than sucks!!!
I would buy a 721 tomorrow but this is what is holding me back (and a few friends of mine too).
E* should have enough since to mirrow the EPG off of 110 to 119. This doesn't make a bit of since to me. Why penalize those that can only aim at 119?
I also heard that the Dishplayer's guide was going to be "upgraded" to the same 9 day guide as the 501 & 721.
If that happenes 'Charlie' not only screwed me for the past 2 years that I have owned a buggy Dishplayer unit but now the talk is that E* is going to take away my 7 day EPG.
Please mirrow the 110 EPG off 119!
Please don't forget (screw) us.
I've been an E* sub since '97.
Our CATV is just now going digital and it is starting to look pretty good to me.
Originally posted by marshalk
Part of the price we pay for living in a nice place.
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