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PVR 721

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I was at the NAB 2002 conference in Vegas this week and saw several booths with the Dish PVR721 chassis sitting out on display. One spec sheet said 120 gig drive. I know there was some discussions about the final size they would choose.

Nobody could tell me when it'll be available though.

It will, however, be sporting some Interactive TV technology by CANAL+ TECHNOLOGIES. (http://www.canalplus-technologies.com/)

Anyone know how to preorder this thing? Dish is turning off my distant networks on April 15th, which means I'm losing my west coast feeds.. ;( It'll make recording two shows on different networks at the same time pretty difficult w/o the 721!

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:mad: I feel your pain about the April 15th Network kill. I'm in Denver so I'd have to get the 'dish 500' thing to get locals. Unfortunately, I don't have line of sight to any other satelites other than 119 so I'm kinda screwed if I can't get network waivers.

To answer your question about the 721, you can handle this 2 ways:
1. pre-order though http://www.dishdepot.com/Cart/description.php?II=492400&UID=

2. and/or, which I recommend :http://electronics.cnet.com/electro...42371-1304-8365569.subnav.6342371-311-8365569

Good luck!
Hi kyoo, Welcomr to DBSTalk.
I would suggest using Mark from Dish Depot if you would like to preorder a 721. :)

I'm wanting one as bad as the rest of you, guess we will have to be patient. :mad:
I've preordered through Dish Depot.. no price listed.. any idea what this thing will be priced at when it comes out?

The 721's delivery schedule keeps slipping and I believe the reason is related to the proposed E*/D* merger. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the DirecTiVo unit is also currently unavailable.

Charlie said in his Dec. Chat that a new standard will be put in place post-merger. I believe that E* is redesigning the 721 to be compatible with that new standard and D* is doing the same with the DirecTiVo. Any units sold without the new standard capability would have to be replaced post-merger, a cost that Charlie would certainly want to avoid.
I noticed that Dish Depot joined as a member here last night, perhaps they can shed some light on this.
Take this with a grain of salt, but here was my last reply from Dish regarding the 721. :shrug:

This is a copy of the reply I got on Friday, April 12th:

Thank you for your email. The PVR721 is currently in the testing stages. While a specific release date has not been slated, the release of the DISH PVR 721 has been targeted for April-May 2002. We have no further information regarding the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or upgrade promotions that may be available. We encourage you to stay tuned to future Charlie Chats and Technical Forums on Channel 101 for future updates. Please refer to the following list of features for the DISH PVR 721.

Combined satellite receiver, personal video recorder with internet capabilities
Two tuners for advanced recording and picture in picture capabilities on any TV
Largest hard drive ever offered in a PVR product for expanded recording and storage of programming
New, advanced user interface
7-day EPG with search
Caller ID with caller history
Software and hardware upgradable
PVR Features

Pause live TV
4X, 15X, 60X, 300X fast forward and reverse
Instant skip forward and skip back
Know at a glance what is recorded with info about each recording - instantly play, delete and protect programs
Program capture - no more "Oops, I forgot to record!"
2-Tuner Features

Picture-in-picture on any TV
Record two live programs at once
Record a live program while watching another live program
Record two live programs while watching a recorded program
Advanced Features

Specially designed universal UHF/IR remote with PIP functions
New IR keyboard with integrated remote control functions (optional)
Records Dolby Digital to the hard drive - perfect for home theater
Optical Dolby Digital output
2 - USB interfaces for other peripherals
Expansion port
Front panel A/V input jacks

Additionally, we have no further information regarding the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or upgrade promotions that may be available. We encourage you to stay tuned to future Charlie Chats and Technical Forums on Channel 101 for future updates......."


Customer Care
DISH Network
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John, thanks for that rundown of the 721. I've seen it referred to in a lot of places, but that's the first time I've seen detail of what to expect.

That sounds like the perfect unit to replace my 7200.
I just hope that there is no bad omens with the 721, After all the Dish Player 7200 and the 721 both start with the number 72.

Hmmm :D

I still can't wait to get my hands on mine!
Frankly I'd love to buy a couple of 721's to swap out my aging Dishplayers. I'm getting tired of all the "bug fixes" producing more bugs... :(
i assume everyone has seen the new utv dual receiver with 70 hrs. pretty cool, released a few weeks ago. there is a string in the dss forum.
I have not signed on to dbs yet. Still in the learning mode. Should I wait until the 721 comes out before coming on line with Dish? I don't see the need to buy one receiver then have to dump it when the 721 comes out. Is the 721 only good with Dish or will it work on D*TV? If the 721 is only good with Dish, should it be enough to make me go with Dish, rather than D*TV, based soley on the merits of the 721? Do you feel the 721 is as good as, or better than, Tivo? I know no prices have been posted but do you have any guesses as to cost of the 721? Will the 721 require any extra monthly fees like Tivo does?
While it has not been announced as of yet, I believe that the 721 CAN be DirecTV compatable via a software update. They are building in this functionality just incase the Merger is approved.

If the merger is not approved then you will not be able to use this unit on DirecTV.

The 721 like the 501 will not require an fees to use the PTV function.

If you wait or not is up to you, its like buying a computer, when ever you buy the latest and greatest a few months go down the road an something even better comes out.
Scot, I assume the 501 is a PVR. Are the features much different than the upcoming 721? With a 501, can you watch a live show while recording another? Does it require an extra receiver to do this? Is the 501 similar to a Dishplayer?
A 501 is a PVR, with a 501 you can record a live show while watching a recorded show.

The 501 is a single tuner, the 721 is a dual tuner.

With the 721 you can record a live show while watching a live show, or you can record 2 live shows and watch a recorded show at the same time.
With a 501, if you wanted to watch one live show while recording another channel, you would still have to have another receiver, right? Will just any receiver work?
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