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PVR Alert: Battlebots New Time

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From the Battlebots mailing list...

New Time Slot - Saturday 8:00pm
It's Time To KickBot!!!!!

Tune in Saturday Nights on Comedy Central for the world renowned Robotic Combat of BattleBots.

Facing off in the BattleBox - Saturday September 21, 2002 - 8:00pm (check your local cable guide for exact times).

Fight #1. BattleBots Middleweight Bout - Wrath Jr. vs. Complete Control
Todd Mendenhall's newcomer BattleBot, Wrath Jr., hammers the competition and destroys all preliminary challengers. Returning contender Derek Young starts his famed Canadian contraption Complete Control for a spectacle of lifting moves and Bot slams.

Fight #2. BattleBots Heavyweight Bout - Toro vs. Phrizbee-Ultimate
Team Inertia Labs legendary BattleBot, Toro, lowers its head and paws the ground to charge its next opponent. Alexander Rose and Reason Bradley display their second of three BattleBots armed with powerful lifting weapons. Last week Matador started the winning trend, will Inertia labs sweep three weight divisions? Newcomer Phrizbee -Ultimate and its driver Brian Nave turn up the full body spinner to tear chunks out of challengers and the BattleBox. Tune in for flying sparks!

Fight #3. BattleBots Super Heavyweight Bout - Pro-AM vs. Vladiator
Builders Mike Konshak and Gage Cauchois make their BattleBots big, strong, and fast. Don't miss this high-speed super heavyweight slamming action. With the amount of damage dealt, it's hard to determine if either BattleBot can be considered a winner!
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For those with Dish Network PVRs, make sure to note the time, and station so you can program your PVR.

For those with Directv PVRs, just type in the word "Battlebots" and set a Season Pass (Directivo) or Auto Record (Ultimatetv) and don't worry about what time or station.:D
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