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Quad or not quad

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I decided to go with 721 upon reading many praises despite of the fact that there are still quite many software related issues with it. Here, I am making the assumption that it can be upgraded as the bugs and glitches are sorted out.

Then, started shopping but couldn't find any available. I put my name down to be notified by Allsat and received a note suggesting that it will be in "a day or two". At their web site it still appears as "out of stock". The SatelliteGuy says they have it even $50 cheaper. But my desire is to wait for Allsat to get the quad option they offer with 301 combo for $500 or to go with SatGuy's 301 combo with dual LNB ($390). This is where I cannot make my mind. I actually don't need a second TV option for the time being but would make it an excuse basically to set another tely in another room.


- What would be the main reason to want a quad LNB?

- Would I be OK in the long run, if I were to get dual and want to add more in the future?

- Can I get 721/301 combo (with quad or dual LNB) but not activate teh second receiver at all (aditional $5/month)?

- If I were to get only 721, could I find a standalone receiver for the second set later on without paying an arm and a leg?

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all 721 are being sent out with dish pro equipment if you buy it as a system, which would come with a dish pro twin lnbf, which should hook up to hte 721 rather simply. the nice thing about hte DP twin versus the Legacy twin is it can be hooked up to a dp34 switch, this in the future would allow you to add more recievers and would get you the dish pro install. The nice thing about dish pro, its 10 times easier to trouble shoot when something is wrong. For instance with your standard quad if a cable comes loose your looking for loose cables swapping ports and god knows what else till you find the problem, but on a dish pro install it would literally tell you if it was connected to the lnbf or switch which would tell you if its cable or not. My advise is go dish pro, it is the new step for dish network. If you want to know if hte lnbf is dish pro, look on the back of the lnbf and it will have a black DP stamped on the back, if not, its a legacy installer is saving it for himself.
So, what you are saying is that if the future expansion is the only criteria, stick with dual but as long as it is "DishPro" but not "Legacy". If this is the case, how would I know before ordering it? Once the eqiptment is on my door step, there is no returning back. Maybe I'm totally misunderstanding this whole system so wrong. I gather, once I receive the sytem, I book a local to install it and use the "free install" certificate to pay for it, right? :shrug:
Stick with the DP Twin. If you need more receivers in the future just buy a DP34 (about $99). A DP34 will also allow you to feed in one of the wing satellites.
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